Do Right and Fear Not.

About Justice Weaver
Retired August 26, 2010

Throughout Justice Elizabeth "Betty" Weaver's over 35 years of experience as a trial and appellate judge (Probate/Juvenile, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court), including 2 years as Chief Justice, she has maintained a proven record based on these major practices:
Exercising Judicial Restraint
Applying Common Sense

A fundamental tenet of her stand for jusitice is to hold wrong-doers accountable and responsible for their actions, while providing opportunities for them to discover and develop their own self-worth and to become law-abiding, productive citizens.

In exercising judicial restraint (interpreting, not making, the law -- judicial self-discipline), Justice Weaver has followed the law as constitutionally passed by the legislature and consistent with the rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court. She has used the responsibility of interpretation, not as a sword to superimpose her own personal views (or those of special interest groups) on the law, but as a shield to protect the constitutional rights of the people and the constitutional acts of the legislative and executive branches.

In November 2002, Justice Weaver won re-election for a second 8-year term on the Michigan Supreme Court.

This site provides information about her experience, credentials, principles, and major initiatives for the State of Michigan.

Check this site often for up-to-date press releases and other information about important work going on in the Supreme Court of Michigan.


NEW:  For information on obtaining paperback and e-book copies of Justice Weaver's and David Schock's  new book : Judicial Deceit: Tyranny and Unnecessary Secrecy at the Michigan Supreme Court  see its website:

NEW  April 11, 2013  Revised Seven-Point Plan for Supreme Court Reform

NEW  April 11, 2013   From Justice Weaver's recent speeches on Need for Michigan Supreme Court Reform

10/22/12 October 12, 2012 Justice Weaver's Speech on Need for Michigan Supreme Court Reform. Trial Attorneys Assn, Kalamazoo

10/22/12 Justice Weaver's SEVEN (7) POINT PLAN FOR SUPREME COURT REFORM (revised)

10/22/12 October 19, 2012 Welcome Talk to Zonta International District 15 Annual Conference. Crystal Mountain, Benzie County

8/30/12  June 11, 2012   Justice Weaver's Talk on Need for Michigan Supreme Court Reform,   "We the People Class",  Beacon Hill, Grand Rapids

10/28/11 Oct 20, 2011 Justice Weaver's Opening Remarks at Summit Conference of Governor's Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect

10/28/11 Oct 20, 2011 Governorís Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect Fact Sheet, Grand Rapids

9/27/11 Sept 24, 2011 Justice Weaver's latest Speech on Need for Michigan Supreme Court Reforms, Manistee County Democratic Party Annual Jennings Award Dinner

7/6/11  May25, 2011 JusticeWeaver's Remarks "Need for Reforms for and Transparency at Michigan Supreme Court" -  Washtenaw Assn for Justice Awards Event  Ann Arbor

7/4/11 June 27, 2011 AGC letter (copied to Justice Weaver) DISMISSING Hon. Maura Corrigan's March 15, 2011 complaint against Justice Weaver

6/6/11 June 6, 2011 Justice Weaver's response letter with enclosure to AGC May 11 and May 20, 2011 letters

6/6/11 May 20, 2011 AGC letter to Justice Weaver requesting response

5/19/11 May 11, 2011 AGC letter to Justice Weaver

May 10, 2011 Justice Weaver's response to April 26, 2011 AGC letter 5/16/11

April 26, 2011 AGC letter to Justice Weaver 5/16/11

April 4, 2011 Justice Weaver's Response to March 15, 2011 AGC Request for Investigation letter 4/5/11

March 15, 2011 AGC Request for Investigation letter 4/5/11

Order and Justice Statement of Non-participation in Brady, et al v Attorney Grievance Commission 6/23/10

LISTEN TO AUDIO! Judge Servaas matter on the misuse and abuse of the Supreme Court power. 3/16/11

Press Release concerning accusations by Justices at Administrative Conference (VIEW VIDEO BELOW) 5/13/10

Resignation of Justice Elizabeth A. Weaver From Michigan Supreme Court, effective 8/26/10

Ret. Justice Weaver's Response to Mi Supreme Court's Censure 11/18/10

Speech to Leland Educational Foundation. 3/23/11

Revised 6 Point Plan for Michigan Supreme Court Reform. 3/23/11

Video Clips from the May 12, 2010 Administrative Conference

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

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"What we in the judiciary most need is patience, meekness, compassion, and courage to 'Do Right and Fear Not.'"

Chief Justice Weaver
State of the Judiciary

"She is bringing a fresh, dedicated, incisive mind to the Michigan Supreme Court."
Judge Myron Wahls
Court of Appeals

"I know Betty Weaver. She threw me in jail....But I would vote for her, because she...straightened me out, and the sentence was just."
Former convicted juvenile offender

"Your judicial experience...was outstanding. Your leadership abilities...have been impressive. There is sound reasoning for my full confidence in you as a justice."
Mary S. Coleman
Chief Justice 1978-82

Judge Weaver has been recognized in many ways for her public service, including selection as one of five outstanding young women in Michigan by the Michigan Jaycees. It is a pleasure for myself to recognize Judge Weaver as a capable and devoted public servant.
G. Mennen Williams
Chief Justice 1982-86


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